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Jake Paul & RiceGum Promote Gambling Part2

There's some other energy coursing through this guys blood right now, i'm sure of it JP: COFFEE JP: Lemme explain, it's been 5 minutes now Jake get to the point Basically we partnered with this brand uhh called JP: So basically we partnered with them because they're like the best and have like the dopest site and they have all of the dopest products and stuff like that (Sarcasm) The coolest, dopest brand. We're partnered up with them, they're so cool, so amazing God, i just drunk a bunch of coffee WOOOOOOOO Alright, let's finish this video up, 'cause I gotta get somewhere and uhh I'm getting low on coffee, so let's wrap this up Hold on one second guys EUGHHHHHH Sorry my sinuses are all clogged up for some reason JP: Like on their site you could literally win like a Rolls Royce, you could win a bunch of Supreme stuff, you can win iPhones, iPads. (Orgasms) All sorts of goods JP: and we partnered with them because today I am going to spend thousands of dollars on mystery boxes and see what I get. I feel like I'm watching a man deteriorate into insanity. *Deep sigh* I mean this is bananas, is he feeding an addiction right now?
Cause you wouldn't willfully advertise this to your kids for 14 minutes unless you really, really needed that money. JP: Yeah if you like surprises as much as I do and you like mystery boxes, stay tuned, here we go JP: Okay, here we go guys. When did he start editing his videos like a shitty version of America's Funniest Home Videos Is this all it takes?
To make content? Is this all it takes to make content for kids on YouTube? I mean this- is this funny? *Snorts* HEEEEUGHH JP: I DRANK SO MUCH COFFEE JP: Okay so basically there's a bunch of boxes on the site and you can like open them virtually JP: They have all different types of stuff; Hypebeast, girls, gamers, clothing, a Christmas box.
(Highpitch) Christmas JP: Popular boxes, Apple boxes, Megatech, all sorts of stuff JP: What're we feeling? What should we go for first? Some shoes? Should we try and win some shoes? Start, start small, go for the car. Alright so I'm going for the box called "Hype Shoes."
Uhh that one probably has the dopest shoes in there JP: I'm a Hypebeast, what can I say? JP: Honey, yes (I think) JP: I might be able to win the Nike AIRMAG back to the futures, Yeezy's, Off White (Slightly slurred) JP: Oh my gaw! So what you should know about these kinda sponsored videos is that he's doing exactly what they instructed him Obviously Jake Paul doesn't need shoes, he's a multi, multi millionaire He's got all the shoes he wants, he would just buy them outright, so, what they're telling him to do is like: play the shoes, that's a popular one that a lot of your kids who watch your show will wanna play So, he's on here pretending that he cares about shoes and he'll go on to pretend that he cares about winning an iPhone JP: Apple boi box, I feel like I could win an iPhone in that, I'm a go for the iPhone right now I mean, Jake Paul's got probably 20 iPhones.
What does he care about it? If you go online to a casino website, you're gonna find the same thing, it's got this very addictive instant gratification It's got this very addictive instant gratification. So one, if you do win the nice Yeezy's, I suspect they're probably gonna send you fakes from China, and two, most likely. you're just gonna be winning a bunch of crap anyway, and good luck even collecting any of this. but that's even besides the point because you're talking about 8 year olds, spending $100 to open a virtual crate for the chance of winning Yeezy's or a 250 million dollar house I mean, you have to be 8 years old to believe that that's real.

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